Tuesday, May 12, 2020

What is a "Proper" BBQ gun?

"BBQ guns are without question a long Texas tradition. Understandable that one might miss 
the "rules" if not steeped in the generation lore of the SW gunman. BBQ guns are carried
concealed under the gentlemen's jacket during the more genteel times and public places.
That are a working man's embelished firearm fully capable taking care of business as 
intended and still enable the owner to take into court, a cantina or your church with 
some pride of ownership and a warnign tothose that might offend.    A BBQ gun is 
never be seen without intent, and never shown just to impress or offend the Judge, 
Ms. Daisy or the Church Chior. There is a very specific short list of what a BBQ gun is 
and what it aint.   Best education on what a BBQ gun actually is would be a stroll 
through the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco, TX.  And what a BBQ is not by a visit 
to the national Cowboy Museum's Hollywood and Movie star exibition, in OKC."

You can call any gun a BBQ gun. It is still a free country. But calling a cow a bull, 
don't make it a bull."

I have plenty of photos on my computer of some very nice guns.  A few like guns 
tucked away in my safe.   Few are worthy of the title, BBQ gun.

First and for most a BBQ gun is a full size fighting handgun.   If it can't be carried
on a belt easily in open daily carry, or just as easily concealed carry, it aint gonna
make a decent BBQ gun.

The definative description a BBQ gun was written long ago by working Texas LE.   
BBQ guns weren't  an invention of NYC or the jonny come lately fancy "parade guns"
 hostered by sissified California movie stars shooting 4:1 blanks.    They sure as hell 
were never a working cowboy's gun.    Possible though that it might have been the 
Ranch owner's gun if he also had a politically motivated LE commission.   The 
definition of a BBQ gun was already written in stone and blood prior to 1910.   
Not to be confused with Colt presentation guns or simply a fancy "hog leg" 
Colt prior to 1890.     

Real BBQ guns were first the working guns and then the treasures of a few 
stalwart SW Lawmen.

Women and children don't get to see the BBQ gun unless it is by chance. Might 
make the females nervous and draws too much attention from a young'un.   
But no man with any degree of concern for friends and family would go 
unarmed to any social setting.  BBQ guns are only seen by your pards after 
the socializing is done with women and children.   Even then with discussions 
of serious matters, politics, horses and good guns, the BBQ isn't a  show piece 
to pass around. 

Helps to know that most Texas BBQs are social and often political affairs  of like
minded folk.  Places gentlemen wear a jacket and tie.   A court appearance for
LE as an example.   Weddings or a Sunday church gathering are all acceptable
places for a BBQ gun to be tucked under the jacket.  Places gentlemen wear a
jacket and tie and also a place one might take the prized BBQ.

They aren't guns you wear to Bob's back yard BBQ with Aunt Jane.  Uncle Bob
wearing his shorts  and blinding all those around him with the reflection off his
knees while flipping burgers while the kids push each other into the pool is not
the place for a gun from chrimney sake!

If you need a gun to show off to Uncle Bob and Aunt Jane you don't have the
where with all to actually own one let alone use a proper BBQ gun.

Attributes of a true BBQ gun

Full sized steel firearm that can easily be carried concealed on the hip
with few rare exceptions it a pre Series '80 Colt 1911, Combat Commander or SAA
the exceptions are generally K frame S&W or the occasional HP
If you haven't seen one in the Texas Ranger Museum it aint a proper BBQ
Ivory, pewter, silver or pearl grips (no movie stag) style points for carved or engraved
master C engraved or better
nickel, gold or silver plate (nothing no matter how fancy in blue)

what a BBQ gun is NOT

It is not a j frame revolver
it is not a Sig, Glock or any modern 9mm/40 cal
it is not a 5.5" or 7.5" Colt SAA
it is not generally a blued gun. The obvious exception is a 
heavily gold, inlaid fully engraved blued gun.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Italian date stamps

Italian date stamps
Note! The stamp is not a part in the serial numbers, and it is normally found on Frame in [ ] brackets

Year Mark Year Mark     Year Mark   Year Mark   Year Mark   Year Mark  Year  Mark
1940        1953 IX       1966 XXII    1979 AE    1992 BB     2005 BZ     2018  CT
1941        1954 X        1967 XXIII   1980 AF    1993 BC    2006 CA     2019  CU
1942        1955 XI       1968 XXIV   1981 AH    1994 BD    2007 CB      2020  CZ
1943        1956 XII      1969 XXV    1982 AI     1995 BF    2008 CC      2021  DA
1944        1957 XIII     1970 XXVI   1983 AL    1996 BH    2009 CD      2022  DB
1945 I      1958 XIV     1971 XXVII  1984 AM   1997 BI     2010 CF       2023 DC
1946 II     1959 XV      1972 XXVIII 1985 AN   1998 BL     2011 CH      2024  DD
1947 III    1960 XVI     1973 XXIX   1986 AP    1999 BM    2012 CI       2025  DE
1948 IV    1961 XVII    1974 XXX    1987 AS    2000 BN    2013 CL      2026  DF
1949 V     1962 XVIII   1975 AA     1988 AT    2001 BP    2014 CM      2027  DH
1950 VI    1963 XIX     1976 AB      1989 AU    2002 BS    2015 CN      2028  DI
1951 VII   1964 XX      1977 AC      1990 AZ    2003 BT    2016 CP      2029  DL
1952 VIII  1965 XXI     1978 AD      1991 BA    2004 BU    2017 CS      2030  DM