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Nellie and crew


Boo (aka Blush)

This pretty colt has athletic potential written all over his pedigree. A son of CTR Supoer Sonic , (Ranked 3rd in stallions at the ApHC World Show), A grandson of RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain, and great grand son of GAS Sundance Image, this son of CTR Super Sonic X Tobys Mystic Image, has some pretty big hoof prints to fill.  Homozygous for Appaloosa color and or characteristics is an added plus!  This colt is super sweet, super smart, is broke to lead and load.
Congratulations to Mount Hope Stables, and CTR Super Sonic on their 3rd place win in FPD Stallions at the 2014 ApHC World Show!
His bloodlines include:

Ghostwinds Echo, Sequined Prince, Solar Flair Eclat,
Kaniksus Spots, Kaniksus Comanche,


Wapz Cozmic Kid” 2015 Gelding.  Sired by Wapuzzan Dam: Wakons Echo Wind 93% foundation 5 panel N/N.   Cozmo should mature in the 16hh

15.3 HH True Coal Black Snocap Blanket Stallion

5 Panel N/N
LP/LP — E/e
Genetic Tested NO Roan/Greying Gene!

Wapuzzan has produced a high percentage of black appaloosa foals…all have been colored (or characteristic) foals to date.  He is athletic with an elegant neck, great use of hocks, free shoulders, short back and beautiful head.  Excellent bones and tough appaloosa hooves!
He passes on desirable traits so his foals have good top lines, typy heads, free shoulders, short backs and powerful hindquarters.  



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Engraving specifics?

Colt Trigger jobs...

"We begin by deburring the internal working surfaces of your gun.  We then stone, hand hone and polish all of the mating surfaces of the internal parts.  We install a new custom made main spring and bolt spring."

This ought to get a conversation going.  Here is how you don't do a Colt SAA trigger job.
Trigger isn't even pictured.